The Taj Mahal's Precursor Tomb in Moghul Dehli
Looks familiar doesn't it, but it's red - not made of pure white marble like the Taj Mahal. It's also in Dehli and not south, in Agra.
As you can read, all these magnificent Mogul (several way of spelling, like Mughal) buildings were tombs to record the grief Kings or Rajas had for their loved ones. I am sure they also served the purpose of reminding people of how great their Raja was and that they should be in awe of such power and wealth - don't mess with the Raja or any one of his direct peons or anyone who even knows their peons or.......
Where ever we went in India people offered us their services for money. Hobos turned tour guides was a common event. This fellow at the end of the stairs, upon seeing us, grined. We were his touristic opportunity to make some rupees. He started pointing and splurting out information in very rough English, I think - always with his hand extended for the deserving tip. If another pseudo-tour guide appeared on the scene, we'd hear gruf speach between them laying claim to the foreign meal ticket.
Can you blame them. This view represents almost a week of food for their families. This tourist with all his spare rupees, while not a Raja, can help them survive in this extremely competitive and crowded Indian world. All it takes is a little hustle and not being able to understand the words "no thank you", even though I'm sure it is the most spoken of English phrases in India. 

The six pointed star behind Hans n the wall, which we recognize from Judaism, has its origin's in the Indus valley. Ironically it's also where what can considered the anti-David's star, the NAZI swastica, gets its origin.

Our guide did a fair job at explaining what the tombs were all about. It's amazing how much you can pick up from facial expressions, gestures, pointing, grunts, and a few poorly spoken English words. It felt very much like we got a "real" local experience, versus the usual slicker experience reserved for the Nike logo covered.
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