A Stroll Through the Lodi Gardens

The plaque explains plenty about the surrounding building - with all of the excitment of an ancient history class.
The very solidly built tomb of Sultan Muhammed Shah. Once again we found our bat friends hanging around - literally.
This time Tiffany instead of Hans did the exploring through the building.
The views of the garden where lovely. These gardens are considered one of Dehli's nicest places to retreat to to relax. We saw many yuppies playing soccer, cricket and other sports in the gardens - quite western in their behavior.
The flowers that framed the buildings and landscaped the gardens grabbed Tiffany's attention.
Paraquetes fly wild all over India. They are as green as the rain drenched lawn. You can't miss them because they are quite noisy.
Even in Dehli nature makes it's mark. At times like this it would hav been nice to learn a little more about some of the local vegetation - like is this flower popular, what's its folklore or is it a deadly and poisonous.
"Yuck, look at that squished beatle..."
This cow belonged to someone since it was tied up. However, whoever it was, they weren't around and I guess no one minded a cow grazing on public park land.
Back relaxing at the hotel.


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