The French People's Final - "Ale Le Blue"

When getting into games was nearly impossible before, this time it was certain - forget it! Tickets were going for up to $5000 per seat. Only corporate connections could get you one. No one handed usa chance to see this final live...another foreshadow perhaps. 

So let's see the game with the real fans. We went to a second stadium set up for all of us to watch on a big replay TV. 

Tiff and Hans were heavily outnumbered. About 37,500 French to 500 Brazilian supporters - 75:1. You can see Tiff holding up the Brazilian flag here.
Some of those others who had been Brazilian friendly were now on the other side. 
We figured we really couldn't lose. Brazil might lost but we would in a way win by experiencing one of the biggest parties in the world that night. The Paris team winning in Paris. Now that would be an event.
The game was a blowout. Ronaldo was a disappointment and Brazil seemed to fall apart after the first few minutes of play. The french smiled the whole game.
WE weeped. Only a little - before we headed out to watch the madness of the celebration.
Hans runs out of the car, in traffic, to snap this photo of us on the Champs Elysse honking and yelling with the other million people also out there. 
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