Semi-Final Match in Marseilles, Brasil-Holland

"I knew it." Hans and Tiffany were back for the Brasil - Holland, semi-final. Hans kept telling all the orange Dutch fanatics that it was going to be "deja-vu"...(see World Cup'94 results)... funny guy (meaning they lost)

Getting into the game was mission impossible. Tickets were scarce .... very scarce that is. Tiffany, was having a melt down because the fans were out of control wildly partying, screaming, honking, and blowing those really loud whistles out of a can. She had a huge headache and was about to lose her mind and go home alone.. Hans waved his two figures in the air for over three hours, pre-game, looking for a reasonable entrance to the semis. Tempers were high. It looked bad. Near kick-off if we could now find tickets, most had disappeared, it was going to cost nearly a $1000 - each!... ouch! Then Tiff decided seek out Hans (she was sequestered away in a semi-quite enclace a block away) and help him. Right after she showed up - looking much more dressed up than the average soccer dude - their fairy god mother of WorldCup tickets sent them a FIFA official who's dad got sick and said, "would you like my by-invitation-only press box seats,"..ahhh OK, sure, "face-value only", done deal! WOW! Our smiles in this picture are as sincere as human beings can possibly manage!

Inside was where the real action was and way too many Dutch orangemen. We saw this same army outside with loud instruments marching hoard-like to the stadium. A lone defiant Brazilian babe stood in front of the troops and she did what gives young women from Rio a bad reputation - she took her clothes off and showed them the type of body which sinks ships and causes men to lose their stride. The army turned into a usual crowd all enjoying the fun sites to much to remember their goal... once again another foreshadow!
"Hey Ronaldo, psst, que tal? (what's up? - translated) Did you shrink? I thought you were going to be much bigger than this. I thought you were going to be much more colorful. What's happened to you? What's going on?"
Oh, no, not penalties! Too much champagne and caviar, that's what we get for being in the FIFA V.I.P. section. The alcohol goes to your head quickly. All the tension and excitement of a perfect semi-final game...but would the result be the right one, would Brazil win???? I can't look, hold me.... 


Ole.....ole.....ole-ola...Brasil, Brasil..."

"So soccer god - Revelino -, captain of Pele's last team, Brazilian 1970 World Cup championship squad known as the best soccer team off all time.... what did you think of that win?" 

......"legal, cara" (translated: "cool, dude") 

This is the greatest time on earth.......

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