Mokoro Canoeing at the Okavango Delta

In the delta, the thing to do is tour around with a local guide in his canoe. You can see Tiff's feet at the front of the canoe here. He then poles you around showing you the crocodiles and hippos (remember they are the most dangerous animals in Africa) that are in the water with you. 

Take a moment to imagine..... you are sitting in a tiny tippy canoe that can topple you into the water with one small jerky movement, and just 30 yards away is a man-eating (yes man-eating -- just last year in fact) crocodile who sees you and slips off his little island perch and disappears into the water in front of you. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO? 

Many of the visitors to Oddballs Camp come simply to grab supplies, a mokoro (which is a canoe) and a local guide before they head out into the "real" jungle experience. They camp on clearings in the delta for several days, living amongst the delta animals. Many of their stories, such as trying to fall asleep in a tent with a sleeping Elephant who's head is leaning on it, were fascinating.
Our guide poles us around mostly in shallow water so that the hippos and crocs can't attack us from underneath. 

The dangers aren't always several thousand pounds - sometimes they are the extreme opposite. A tiny winged creature causes more deaths in Africa (millions) than AIDS does world wide. Pretty ironic since Malaria deaths can be prevented with proper medical attention. Neither Hans nor I were taking any Malarial medication so we were a bit worried. Especially as we disturbed millions of mosquitos that were clinging to the thick reeds. Pretty soon they were clinging to us by the hundreds. And this went on for hours. Double YUK!

We made it back relieved. Hans was fascintaed by the tour, Tiff was a little shaken and disturbed by the numerous dangers As a matter of fact - the whole time at the camp she was a tad bit terrified. The fact that we had become part of the African bush food chain was the most difficult thing for her to accept. The camp had no weapons whatsoever to protect us from an animal with humans on their menu.
Photos of a very scary close call with Lions
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