Valencia and Ibiza Island, Spain

Valencia is a tradional Spanish city south of Barcelon - about 2 hours drive down the coast. There are fewer tourists here than in other other major cities so we felt like we were living more like real Spaniards. We even took the bus to the ferry to go to Ibiza
The old-fashioned market was filled with all the best groceries and meats. We really enjoyed the traditional smoked ham with freshly baked bread.
This building used to be a sort of good and services market exchange -similar to our stock and commodities market. The hall is still open and available for trade. Upon entering the great hall you see the traditional desks of the era when traders delt in silks and Catalan was still independent from Spain.
This was one of our favorite spots. A courtyard filled with a variety of traditional Spanish building. The fountain in the middle is a mythical king basking amongst attending mermaids. 
Hey, Monty Python, the quest for the holy grail is over! It's right here in the corner room of this building. 

This is a minature bronze statue of the church which claims to have the golden chalice used at the last supper by Christ and his disciples. We didn't actually see it since we were there after the church closed. 

We moved on to Europe's wildest party Island - Ibiza. This is the only picture we have to post - the rest are all censored. Apparently nudity and total constant drunkeness and wacked-out behavior is the norm on this island. Tiffany, after looking at the bathing babes said, " I remember everyone noticed when you went topless . Now, if you wear a top you look out of place." 

All those people you see on the beach don't have a place to over night - they don't need one. The usual procedure is: start the evening with dinner at midnight, party all night, go to a sunrise club, party there, then hit the beaches, where you get a few hours of sleep while you tan (with all the Brits it's more like - while you burn).. I've never been to so many "rave" events with thousands of people on a dance floor. 

The pool side was a nice quite change from the bustling and sometimes very polluted beaches.
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