The Wedding Reception

The reception was held pseudo-outdoor in a large and fun tent on what seemed like a summer night's dream. Hans and Tiffany danced the night away with all of the celebrating guests, most of which were partying wildly as if the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal were finally over.
Tiffany and Tineke (the terrible "T"s) get together and beckon you with their siren like powers. "Come here and dance the night away with us until you drop too exhausted to do anything else.....come on, come" 

Lots of other partying people generated wonderful stories of a truly fantastic bash. The music was great and Will and Tineke's first dance can be blamed for putting the crowd in a hot and romantic frenzy - it's was much too tantalizing a tango!

But we guys have our defenses. We got Sir Will to mount his stead, Doug, and do faire battle against the Lady Tineke. The two lovingly joust away on the backs of adoring guests. Tineke getting power from her followers who reach up to touch their icon of beauty would end up on top - just the way she likes. Still, brave Will, has given the newly or soon-to-be married men back their dignity. 

....hey, it's better than writing the usual wedding dribble...

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