Buenos Aires

We were scraping for any outdoor activities in Buenos Aires. It is more of a indoor, nightlife kinda town. We took a short train to the delta area and hopped on a river boat tour.
It was nice to have company with us, especially since we have been doing everything else all by ourselves. :( 
 (left to right ) Alexandra, Sergio, Hans
Tiff with, what Hans calls, her secret squirrel look.
About the only nice looking thing on the delta. At least the weather was pleasant.
Now on to some really cool stuff. This is an area where all the artists hang out to sell their creations. The neighborhood consists of a wide variety of boldly colored buildings. In earlier times, the area was occupied by the poor working class. 
The city wanted to slightly improve the surroundings of the poor people so they donated paint for the buildings. Unfortunately they ran out of paint before they could finish the job. So the locals decided to use whataver paint they could get their hands on to finish the job. Today they purposely paint everything different colors because it gives the area character. It remined us of the Marina in San Francisco except all the building are different pastel colors.
We watched a couple of street performers tumble into some precarious situations in a local park. These two women were twins and were very charismatic.
UGGGGHHHH! Tiff drinks too much red wine and barely survives the next day. Argentinians do not believe in wine by the glass, so you have to order a bottle. The busiest dinner time is midnight and discos don't get rolling till 2 am. Most of the true partiers don't get home till the sun comes up. 

We only partook in this tradition of dancing till dawn once. But it was a heck of a lot of fun swinging to Spanish music with the youngsters of Buenos Aires. They are an extremely energetic group.

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