Buzios - Beach Resort Town North of Rio

The beautiful resort town of Buzios is just a couple of hours north of Rio de Janeiro. Cariocas (people who live in Rio) sometimes need a break from their gorgeous beached lined city. Go figure?!

So they come here to get away from their beaches and blue sea to these beaches and blue sea. Okay, it is a bit quieter and more relaxing and the chances of being a victim of rampant crime are much less. I guess that could be much more peaceful.


We stayed in a excellent hotel (www.colonna.com.br) that had some great views. Tiffany caught this perfect shot of a starway path. 



Out of our room's window there was a beautiful private cove just below us. Climb down some steps and you're on your own semi-private beach, all cozy and protected from the wind. It was especially romantic late at night watching the stars glisten brightly and the moon slipping across the horizon.

The palm plants and trees in the Hotel's courtyard added to the tropical ambience of the place. The Hotel was quiet because we came during low season - after Carnaval. Everyone else has to be back at work. Not us though ---- travelling on this hectic schedule is enough work for us. 
Here Hans is clowning around with some cactus. Something he'd never do if there were all these strangers running around - yeah, right! Don't sit there!
"Hey what's that naked guy doing there?"
Relax - no we are not at a nudist beach. This is the view we had during lunch. No crowds.
  After our only day windsurfing, we stopped off to buy a few beers and to sit in the sand to watch the picturesque sunset. The tropics never seem to disappoint when it comes to sunsets. 
The way the setting sun beams reflected off the silky sand made it look like it was gold dust. It was a perfect summery night with balmy breezes and sultry sea sounds. The cool powdery sand running through Tiff's toes was very soothing, especially after spending the day "swimming with the sharks". Hey, isn't that a book title?
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