A Beach at Cabo Frio
We only had a day in Cabo Frio on the way home to Rio from Buzios. We looked for a nice beach and found one by a Fort,  which you can see in the background. This shot was of a seagull flying over Tiffany. Supposedly we missed out on some of the other really nice beaches in Cabo Frio. Perhaps we will have to come back then. 
Tiffany was fascinated by the soft luxurious sand. It slipped through her fingers like flour through a sieve. It was hard to believe, but this sand was even finer than the sand from the neighboring town of Buzios. Just when you think it can't get any better .... it does. 
Cabo Frio is famous for some of the finest sand and clearest water in Brazil. Perhaps it is the currents that cause such things. That's the same currents that make the water colder than in other parts of Brazil. 
The beaches go on for ever. It amazes me to think of how much beach coast line this country has.
Hans was a like a kid in a big sandbox. I don' t think Hans would qualify for any sand castle building contents with this mound. Perhaps he should have built it a little farther from the shoreline so it would not get clobbered with waves so often.
Hans could not really compete with this "world class" sand castle builder on Ipanema beach in Rio. Now that is what I call a darn good sand castle. Perhaps the guy gives lessons.
Tiffany decided to help Hans work on a sand sculpture of something a little more recognizable. Mermaids are worthy of sea fame and Tiff was one last year for Halloween (Hans was Poseidon), so that seemed like a fitting subject.
We has some real live models for our project. Except I don't see any mermaid tails?
We worked on it together arguing about proportions. Hans wanted a fantasy mermaid. Tiffany tried to explain a little anatomy and physics to Hans but lost out to his thinking too "big". 

The tide came in an nearly washed away our mermaid. Quick, before she disappeared in to the ocean, take a picture.

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