Carnaval in Rio '98. It's the biggest party on earth - anywhere -anytime.

Street Carnaval is at the traditional heart of the Carnaval celebration. A "Batteria" (lot's of drummers) is sorrounded by a happy, singing mob which follows a very large bus blasting Samba music. Mix in some local drinks: cachaca (like tequila) and beer, let simmer in Summer heat, and you've got a surfire Carnaval recipe for FUN!
This is where Tiffany ate her  now infamous "Churrasco de Gato"  (barbecued slum cat on a stick - or who knows what meat it "really" was). That tasty meal - in addition to several other ailments brought on by local biology - resulted in an I.V. (what they call a "cocktail" in Brazil - how ironic) at a Copacabana hospital. She was sick for 3 weeks and could only eat rice. No more Gato for her.
Another typical thing to do is go to massive evening Parties - held at large social clubs. We  went to the famously decadent Red-n-Black Ball. Red and Black are the colors of Rio's largest soccer team, Flamengo. Talk about a  Bash-o-Rama.... "ohh,...... so that's where he get's those great party ideas!"
Jana - Tiff - Hans .. the core group of our Red-n-Black gang. Jana (a friend of Tiff's who happened to be in Rio at the same time - Imagine that!) joined us with her "starved for fun" fellow travellers. She had been travelling around South America by Jeep with a tour group of international folks. After months on the road they were ready to settle into some good solid fun.
A big band played samba on stage to all the red-n-black revelers. Hans happened, before the night was over, to find himself on stage trying to avoid security guards - but, hey that's another story. It was a lot of  fun dancing all night long with so many enthusiastic sambistas. 
Things can get pretty wild which is typical Carnaval atmosphere. Everyone is competing to get other people's attention, so the technique is to either over dress or hardly dress. 

No, that's not Hans on the far left getting a close up. 

All those people crammed into one huge room caused the temparture to rise to at least 95 degrees inside. The windows were dripping with water. It was like being in a big steam bath - so the fewer the clothes - the better the chances of avoiding heat stroke.

Hans waving at the camera so that he will have later proof of the fun he had.  That's why we take pictures, some of which are best left off web pages, as Tiff recommended. 
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