Snorkeling and Scuba  Diving

Tiffany was getting excited about swimming with all the fish because we could see them clearly through the water.
"Wow, it is like a big fish tank!"
Beautiful tropical fish everywhere. They swim all around your arms and legs looking for food. The visabilty in the water was great. I've never seen better snorkeling conditions.

Some cute, some small and friendly, some and others........ 


not so cute, like this Barracuda with the nasty teeth.

Our dive team settled on a spot that looked kind of like the space between these rocks to go scuba diving. It seemed a little too advanced for a bunch of baptism lesson divers. 
Tiffany gets ready to go under for her 1st scuba dive ever. Hans gave her a few pointers since the actual lesson was in Portuguese. Not much concern for the safety of newbies here. 

That's Tiffany holding hands with an instructor while scuba diving for the first time. She was too afraid of all the sea creatures to let go of his hand. She was under for almost a half hour and got as far down as 50 feet. Yeah Tiff!
 Hans went later and didn't get the same attention. Since he had done some scuba before (over ten years ago) they treated him as if he was an expert. He dove with an advanced team that swam against currents for 45 min and at depths of up to 90 feet. There were barracudas and a shark. Needless to say, our dynamic duel felt pretty sick after their strenuous aquatic escapades.
Here Tiffany is returning to the boat. After spending hours slowly bobbing up and down, up and down, up and down, it finally got to her and thereafter she spent lots of time in the water fighting off the effects of sea sickness. 

Before diving we asked our dive instructors about the sharks.  They said that there was no danger because there was so much fish for the sharks to eat that they were never hungry. Tiffany pressed by asking, "but what if we find ourselves swimming with one who hasn't eaten in a while and is ready for lunch,".... 
"well,...hmmmm" was all they could say. 


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