Florianopolis, Brazil

Florianopolis is both a city and an island in southern Brazil. Here we have a view of the north shore and the central lake on the right. 

The city is a center for high tehnology since there is a fine University there. But more so it is likely the best place in Brazil to mix professional with natural environment interests with a small but large enough city.

The old bridge linking the Island to the mainland is closed but it looks great at night when it's all lit up.
Throughout the island there are beautiful scenes like this one where the cattle graze near the lake that's centrally located on the island. Boats on the lake get people around easily and also find shelter from the ocean.
There are 42 beaches in and around the Island.This one is especially popular with surfers.
Surfing is a serious activity here. So much so that they built a monument to commemorate all the great surfers that have come from this area.

Another Brazilian hero from this area is "Guga", the tennis star.

There are also many time shares and excellent resorts throughout the Island. This one is located in the north of the Island and had everything one could wish for in a nice vacation lodging.

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