Buggy Riding the Sand Dunes - Northern Litoral from Natal

We took a dune buggy trip that lasted 13 hours and covered well over a hundred kilometers of large sand dunes and beaches. We hired a "burgero", who is a local dune buggy guide. Often we had to cross streams on flat canoe barges. The thrill part of the trip was gowing full speed up and down the sides of huge dunes. It was like skiing on sand. Some advice, "sometimes we flip and it's best not to have your safety belt fastened." Tiff was scared to death.
That's a fresh water river flowing towards the sea with very large sand dunes on its banks. The place is about 100Km north of Natal and was deserted. It was great fun just floating and playing with the tide as it battled the natural flow of the river towards the ocean. On the other side of the river there was a beautiful pousada with what seemed like hundreds of palm trees and coconuts everywhere.
We both ran up to the top of the dune for this picture. You can see how high the dunes are by the palm trees in the background. There is an unlimited amount of sand and trees as you look at the horizon. It was hot but the breeze of the ocean was perfect. A perfect playground for a lazy Brazilian afternoon.
Tiffany atop the tallest sand dunes. Behind her you can see the trees and breezy ocean. Yes, Mom, she is wearing sun-block, SPF 100000. And for you guys out there, that's a bikini top not just some string on a naked Tiffany :-) 
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