World Class Fussball Fanatics come to Paris

At the stadiums you saw the real fans. They were the crazies who came thousands of miles, in some cases, dressed up in mostly their team colors paint and screamed constantly for their team to win. As in the case of the amazing heaven sent couple (see below) who came for the game and afterwards drove all night back home to be at work next day. 

Germany has some of the most enthusiastic fans. And why not they've won the World Cup three times, second best with the Italians, after Brazil of course.

Tiffany was dressed a little bit like Uncle Sam - it was the hat. Then he, the real Uncle Sam showed up, and with the real symbol of America - money! What better to wave around at a game were America is involved than huge dollars, big bucks...... yup, this Uncle Sam guy he knows what it's all about! 

You needed lots of U.S. dollars to buy a ticket to this game. We shopped around for hours the day before and the day of the game - and only found tickets for $800 each. We were getting a little sad. 

But Hans, as usual - the eternal optimist - was hopeful. He said when we were standing outside the stadium the day of the game waiting for a miracle ticket "Wouldn't it be nice if someone just walked up to us and asked us if we wanted a ticket at face value." Well ..... guess what happened!!!!!

While scrounging around for tickets the night before the big game, USA-Germany, we ran into some German fans during Tiffany's interview with Germany's SAT-1 cable television station. Needless to say we all went to get some beer. 

SAT-1 liked Tiffany's hat and wanted to know what American fans were doing in Paris. We reminded them that we were in the World Cup too. By the end of the tournament with America's last place finish we would have wished to forget it.

Some of the fans looked exactly like the kind they are supposed to be. Here we have one that has eaten to many sausages and basically has replaced all of his bodily fluids with beer - especially the ones that comes out in droplet form on your breath. 

The big sloppy guy, however, was very sweet and gentle with Tiffany.

Couldn't say the same about the mean German skinheads we saw at the game. The riot police became surrounded just outside the stadium. This picture was taken seconds after a bottle went flying over our heads and smashed into the "flicks" (Parisian cops). It was serious. One cop hit in the head ended up in a coma. Still, the stylish German couple in front of us broke out their umbrella and took it all in stride - high heeled stride of course.
As we said - our miracle ticket appeared. The woman - pictured on the left here saw Tiffany and her hat and asked her if we needed tickets. Tiffany had trouble believing them because they only wanted face value and there were people around us screaming to offer them triple face value. Also, they were German and wanted people to sit next to them that were for the opposing team? Sounded very suspicious- it was too good to be true. So we said, ahhh, hmm, "we'll come back just before the game and get them then, ok". No way would they be there, we thought, since it must all be a scam. Sure enough in the middle of the riots they were anxiously looking for us. 

Thank you - whoever is responsible for watching out for our good fortune.


It was a good game but the result was not so good for the US, we lost.

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