Lisbon, Portugal

Above is the skyline of Lisboa from the elevator that's located downtown. Hans was visiting Lisbon to speak at Internet World - Portugal '98 in early April. 

On the right is the elevator that takes people from lower part of town to the uppper part. It costs a couple of cents to travel up an down and saves walking many stairs. At the top there is a little cafe with great views of the city. 

Lisbon like San Francisco, has many hills that the city is built on.

Here I am, without Tiffany, at the top of the elevator posing in front of the palace -fort that guards the city. Lisbon is the birthplace of my mother so it is a city that I am familiar with even though I'd not visited it in almost two decades.
Another thing that makes Lisbon similar to San Francisco is its red painted suspension bridge - seen in the background. It's a much newer bridge than the Golden Gate. 

This picture is taken from the monument dedicated to the age of discovery when the Portuguese sailed around the world bringing home tremendous wealth from the new worlds.

Portugal is famous for its navigators who sailed around the world. Their greatest sailor was Vasco de Gama who is credited with finding the greatly sought after trading routes to India and the Far East. The monument caputers him (2nd) and many other famous discoveres who were sponsored on their great journeys by their enlightened King, Don Pedro - at the front. It's a large and beautiful monument at the water's edge where many of the sailors began their great adventures.

Lisbon is also now a modern European city that is acting as host to the 1998 World's Fair. Above you can see the reflection of the old in the very new glass skyscrapper. The fair's theme is the Oceans and includes many great expositions dedicated to the topic. The city was buzzing with anticipation for the fair and all hotels were sold out for the summer event.

Above on the right the red and green Potuguese flag flies proudly above the city. 

Left, like many Europeann cities there are beautiful fountains everywhere.

There were lots of interesting little homes in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Lisbon - "Alfama".
There are many elegant things to be found - like this classy looking black and chrome Vespa scooter sitting here in the old narrow cobble stone streets of Alfama.
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