Rio De Jainero - Copa Fashion
Hans decide to get in on the action of the fashion show. He wanted to play paparazzi. 
Here he is in the midst of things and smiling to me. Gee - is that a Happy Valentines Day smile honey? While you photograph all these beautiful models? 
A real fashion photographer pushes him out of the way. Ha ha :)
We thought we would include a few photos of the models since the fashions were so unique. Imagine wearing any of these to your next cocktail party - or should I say Halloween party.
I especially liked this one. Kind of like the Gilligans Island attire. "Sit right down and I will tell you a tale .... a tale of a lovely ship ..... with Gilligan .... the Skipper too .. the professor - Mary Ann ......."
Boys just want to have fun.A couple of crossdressers out for a little romp on the runway. 
Spider woman, spider woman, does whatever a spider can ....
spins a web, any size .....
watch out for the spider woman!!!!!!!
The only angel in Rio during Carnaval. Everyone else considers Carnaval to be the time that their Devil side emerges.
Hans back on the balcony fantasizing about supermodels. Can you see the little devil sitting on his shoulder?
Hans getting caught by Tiffany fantasizing about supermodels. "It wasn't me!" Tee hee
View from our balcony of the crystal blue warm water of the ocean.
More photos of the beach and gardens
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