Capetown, South Africa

. A beautiful panorama view of downtown from a peak just outside our appartment.
We rented a great place in the building shown here in Sea Cliff, a nice neighborhood of Capetown. The value today in South Africa is unbeatable - everything is cheap.
Out of the window we had two great views. One was towards the ocean.
And the other was towards the mountains that lie inland from Capetown. The apparment was a geat deal at around $40 /day for a large 2 bedroom - it was off-season though.
Here is what we mean by the mountains inland. This is a view looing south towards the famous Table Mountain that towers behind and over the city. The small rising peak all the way to the right is the one that we had over our appartment. 

The windsurfing beaches are north of town where there are mostly boring suburbs, however, you can see how phenomenal the view is as you wave sail back and forth. While we visited Capetown we did not windsurf since there was no wind. It was fall and off-season for windsurfing.

More photos of crusing around Capetown
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