Salvador - Brazil's cultural-soul city

In Salvador we stayed in the center of town, overlooking the lower city and near the traditional parts of the city. We were lucky arriving after Carnaval to get a room with large windows that gave us a great view of the Harbour. If you know Salvador, we were near the public elevator that connects the lower with the upper parts of the city. 
One day we took a boat past the fort that used to guard the harbour and went to visit the nearby islands. There are several islands around Salvador. The water was so strangely hot, it was like swimming in a warm bath. Not what we would consider refreshing consider the temperatures were hovering near 95 degrees.
  The Perolinho is the most traditional part of Salvador. It is where the afro-Samba bands (Bodlum) meet in the streets to entertain the onlookers. It's a much more drum and trance filled type of Samba. 

The lady in white is a traditionally dressed Bahian Mama. The local costumes have lots of influence from Africa, as you can see.

Michael Jackson did a video here were he danced in front of the churches with the Bodlum drummers Ė lots of very rhythmic music. Supposedly he fell in love with the place. Didnít see any silvered gloves lying round. 

We got some cool artwork here too. Salvador has got the most to offer when in comes to Brazillian historical culture. 

Salvador is also famous for its uniqe food which is a mix of Portuguese, Native and African recipes. With Tiffany still somewhat sick and me trying to play it safe, we didn't go for the street offerings - supposedly the best. 

We learned what the local word "axe" means. We wish lots of it for you... it's somewhat akin to good Karma.

We arrived just after the Carnaval and some of the traditional street decorations were still around. Salvador is famous for it's day-time street Carnaval where people buy a ticket to celebrate Carnaval dacing around a huge Samba bus. The tall bus is open at the top and has very powerful speakers. From above the singers, musicians and dancers lead and entertain the crowd. Brazillians all rave about the great fun to be had at the Carnaval in Salvador. 
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