Sao Paulo - Brazil's Bigger Apple

Bigger now than New York, Sao Paulo with approx 17-19 million people is a collection of high rises as far as the eye can see. No real concentrated center. More like L.A. with the way it is spread out but with buildings the size of New York City's.
My two good friends: Sergio and Evonette. I met Evonette in San Francisco during the World Cup in 1994. One evening we are talking about friends back in Brazil. I mention Sergio. It turns out as I told her about Sergio that she then tells me that she had been his assistant back in Sao Paulo. What a very small world!
Here Tiffany and Hans are trying to look as cosmopolitan as possible.
Next its Sergio's turn. Note the subtle message. Hans is reclining - relaxing because he's traveling the world while Sergio looks very much like the hard working Paulista showing his gringo tourist buddy around this basically hard working town. 

How very cosmopolitan.

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