San Francisco Wedding Shoot

..... the day after the wedding
. "Oh where, oh where, can my Hansi be? Perhaps he is still windsurfing?"
"I think I see him driving up in his wetsuit. He does not know what is in store for him today ...... tee hee"
"What a steeeep hill to climb ...... who's idea was this anyway. Guess I had better carry my  new bride over the San Francisco threshhold."
"DING - DING (cable car sound)
"Hey, now there is a good idea. At least I won't have to carry her anymore."
"Hansi! Wait for me."
"I will always wait for you dear."
Hans and Tiffy, the San Francisco Treat.
"We are definately not climbing that hill again."
One more kiss - on top of the world. 
Top of Lombard Street 

Hope their marriage has lots of fun twists and turns.

"Hmmmmm, sure is windy out here. Maybe Tiff's dress can work as a windsurfer."
"Come on Hans --- pay attention to meeeeee!" 

"Sure honey, but how about we just drive by Chrissy to see how the wind is doing? It was still blowing when I left"

"Smoooooooooochhhhhh! No more wind - time for the 4th sport of the day."
"Ahhhhh - to be in love."
"A magnificent and happy future to look forward to together."
"I feel like King of the Hill!"
"The man of my dreams........"
"..... who brought sunshine to my life."
"I want to rock your gypsy soul ....... 

(from Van Morrison's Moondance CD - "Sail into the Mystic" - played at the ceremony)

....... as we sail into the mystic ......
...... when that fog horn whistle blows, you know we will be coming home!" 

(that's right folks - we may travel the world - but we left our hearts in San Francisco - and will be there to stay)

Which house shall we buy? Yellow, purple, blue?
San Francisco ---- the only place in the world to live!!!! We are so lucky.
Any house we live in will feel like a Palace to us.
So, let's enjoy and eat cake. 

(our cake top - had to eat after our strenuous day of shooting) 

Special thanks to Mathieu Rauzier for his expertise and creativity during our playful photo shoot. (

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