Safari in Africa - Hwange National Park Zimbabwe 
Some very nice sepia postcard shots that of animal life on the planes of Africa. 

We start with the very endangered Rhinos. Hans's favorite - such power.

Zebras - very nervous horses in pajamas.
Lions, the big cats are sought after by every tourist on safari.
Elephants huge numbers are now causing tremendous damage to the environment and some people are lobbying for controlled culling of the species. (culling means killing for the benefit of the environment)
Water Buffalo are part of the Big Five - animals people search for while on safari. Do you know the other four? 

Answers at the end.

Cheetah, the fastest land animal on earth with speeds of up to 70 mph (approx. 100 km/h)
answers: Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino and Leopard - The Big Five
More Photos of our safari trips in Hwange National Park
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