The Animals of Hwange National Park
Tiffany got this great shot of a conga line of elephants coming to a watering pan for a sunset drink.
Why did the baby elephant cross the road? Because it's soooooooooooo cute, and that means it can do whatever it wants....guys - doesn't this sound familiar...
  Zebra and Wildebeast are also quite common. Wildebeast is that very strange animal that looks like a bunch of left-over animal parts thrown together into one creature. Definately one of the less attractive animals of the bunch. The heard sizes we saw were not that large but when they migrate they get together in the thousands.
Elegant giraffe on the run around the pans. A magnificent scene of the typical surrounding of the animals.
Some people take going on safari seriously. This German guy (of course) had an armor plated RV, just in case any of the animals carry  bazookas that use nuclear warheads. Remind you of Mel Gibson in "Mad Max"? 

In May it was already very dry and it was pretty cold at night.

Sunset is when the lions come out to play. Here the paparazzi stalk the ultimate stalker. At one point it got so bad that a lioness had to back off because she was being blinded by hundreds of camera flashes going off. 

Also, at one point granny, sitting in the back of the jeep, got so close to the wild pissed off lioness that she had to lean over the edge of the jeep just  to see the lion - truly "Tourist Safari". Someone is going to get mauled. 

Well - actually they already have. Last year a Japanese tourist got out of his jeep to get a closer video of a Male Lion eating his prey and the Lion ripped him to shreds then ate him to. Here is the disgusting part - the brother of the stupid tourist filmed the whole grisly death from the safety of the jeep and then tried to sell the video back to the locals!

Here is the object of all our attention. We heard so many stories of tourists losing respect for the king of the jungle, probably since these park lions seem now to be used to having the tourists around. We even saw them initiate a group hunt ambush where they had to crawl around a jeep to pursue their prey as if we were another tree. Weird stuff, I guess jeeps are now part of their habitat! In all - it was pretty sad that tourists interfere so much in their natural lives.
Photos of Hans' trip to Sinamatela Camp
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