The France'98 World Cup Final

Oh no,.. the French team won their semi-finals and would now face the Brazilians in the World Cup Final. 

We drove back to Paris and partied with our Parisian friends. Hans is all the way in the back in Christian's apartment and Tiffany is forced to take the picture. 

Hans had bought this shirt in Rio at the beginning of the year for $3. A French flag on the right arm and a Brazilian flag on the left arm (another foreshadow). At this time in Paris we could have sold it for $100, easy. But we decided to give it to Natalie at the end of the Cup. She had the most fun spunk and deserved it - especially after putting up with all our Brazilian ranting and raving.
Everyone got into decorating everything to mark the final match - the one that was made in FIFA's Futebol heaven. The great four-time champs (Brazil, a.k.a. Goliath) and the underdog who never won anything.
photos of the spectacle
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