Okavango Delta - Botswana, Africa

We decided to see even more remote parts of Botswana - where there are no roads. The only way to get into Moremi national park in the Okavango Delta is by plane. 

This was Tiffany's first time in a propeller airplane this small. It only sat 4 passengers. She had never really been afraid of flying but this was certainly taxing her limits for air travel. Let's just see she was a bit terrified and needed a little help from some liquid canned goods.

Bush fires were common during the dry season. Where we stayed, Oddballs Camp, was nearly burned to the ground by one such fire a year ago.
The planes bring and take-away all the supplies and trash. The airport services two camps and a small village.Imagine Tiff's surprise when they told her she had to carry her luggage 1/2 mile through the bush to get to the camp. We were lucky to beg a truck ride to camp with the only automobile in the area. 

Going back to the plane we transferred all our luggage on a makoro canoe. It was scary to think that a hard sneeze could have put all our belongings in crocodile infested waters. 

The view straight ahead upon checking in was awesome. Just like a first rate Tarzan movie. Once again it was "welcome to the jungle", this time African style.
The main hut is where we had our meals and shared stories with a handful of other travelers. On the left hanging from the tree is a melted outboard engine, result of the fires. There were lots of animal heads and a crazy attack baboon that stormed the balcony in a rage looking for food. The staff shot him with BB guns to scare him off. Watching him charge us in the hope of scaring us for food nearly worked on several occasion - psycho monkey!
This is the tree-house accommodation. The owner, who was there when we were, stayed in the luxury hut high above the roaming predators and other animals. 

We weren't so lucky. We were much closer to the very wild animal life - day and night - closer than we thought we'd ever be to lions and leopards. 

They let you roam around for a few minutes before you check in for "The Briefing" where they tell you about the dangers of the bush. Don't run when you see Lions - don't even take your eyes away from their eyes or they will attack. Run like hell when you see elephants, buffalo, or hippos. Don't go swimming. Watch out for the biting baboons who will rifle through your luggage looking for food. Especially watch out for the nasty assassin bugs - black bugs with red spots on them - they will kill you. boo hoo I wan't to go home NOW!!! :(

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