Shasta for our Friends' Wedding

. Our dear friends Will and Tineke decided to get married under the majestic Mount Shasta. The white church was especially radiant on that glorious day. We had planned to come back from our world trip just to feel the magic of their moment. We were so happy we did - it was a great and especially warm occasion. You had to be there to feel how warm - as it progressed it got down right hot!
Many of our friends were at the wedding, some with their children. Alexandra, the original little Alvarez, smiles for the camera as she always seems ready to do. Everything looked especially good with such beautiful surrounding and such a majestic setting with Shasta omnipresent.
But the occasion belonged to the beautiful couple swearing life long love. It was a very hot day in Shasta but that only seemed to add to the occasion. The heat and the smells of the country helped fix the memory to a special place, a special couple and a special day.
Tineke and Will marched down the isle with genuine happiness in seeing all their friends witness their wonderful day. It inspired us for our own special wedding day a few weeks later, in San Francisco.
Tiffany was so overwhelmed she needed to step outside. That's were Hans found her, hosting the outside gathering - "Hello, welcome to the post-ceremony gathering on the church's lawn..... Isn't that a magnificent view of Mount Shasta.... Yes, I know you like my dress, I like it too... Excuse me, I will not,... my future husband wouldn't like that. Now behave and run along and play with the single girls...."

That was just the begining. The wedding reception got crazy. It must have been all the birds and the bees flying around, or maybe it was the champagne....

photos at the wedding reception
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