Buenos Aires

Our first night in Buenos Aires we had dinner with friends of Hans' from San Paulo. Argentina is supposed to be famous for their beef, but Tiff did not think it compared to the awesome Beef Filets Hans' Dad gets for them from Chicago (Tiff's hometown).
A couple in the street performing the traditional tango dance. We took some dance lessons last year which included Tango and had a great time with them. Tiff really enjoys watching any type of dance production since she participated in dance most of her childhood.
.Buenos Aires and Tango go hand and hand. Perhaps this gentleman was a tango god back in his younger years.
Evita Peron square is one of the best photo ops in Buenos Aires. 
This is the balcony that Madonna stood on when they filmed "Evita" - and more importantly - the real balcony Evita herself stood on when saying her last goodbyes to the people of Argentina. "Don't cry for me Argentina ....the truth is I never left you...." Tiff loves this song, especially the Sinead Oconnor version.
We spent our first 4 night at the Dolmen Hotel in a trendy part of town, but there was a mixup with booking and we had to find another Hotel to stay at. We were surprised at their disgregard for guests needs. This a view from the new Hotel we found, which had a view of the 22 (no that is not a typo - it is 22)  lane street heading in and out of town.
We felt more connected with the vibrancy of the city with a view like this. You could sit on the ledge and just stare out at the mobs of people and cars moving back and forth. They say the avenue "Avenue 9" is modeled after the Champs Elysee' in Paris.
The Argentina's do everything BIG. Their billboards are big, their beef is big, their roads and buildings are big, their dance movements are big, they party big, and they have big time male machismo. The only thing not big, is their women. Statistics show that 1 in 3 women have an eating disorder. There are also more Pychoanalysts per capita than anywhere else in the world. Perhaps this infatuation with big is not so healthy.
Look even their dog walking group is big. It is amazing that they can get so many different types of dogs to get along. I guess any dog bullys get thrown out of the group.
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