Buenos Aires

Our last day there we took a bus tour of the entire city. It is the best way to see a lot in one day. We were a bit dissappointed that we did not do this the first day, so that we could get the lay of the land. Oh well. 

They have some wonderful architecture worthy of a few photos.

Tiff decides to get a little creative. These are the pillars from the building above.
Hans is even more creative with is side tilt.
Action shot of Hans chasing the pidgeons away.
This is the cemetary where Evita is buried. It is like a little stony city, except it is a little dead .... ha ha :) Everyone buried here has a Spanish name (or I guess Argentinian name). Many of the tombs are carved from marble and are beautiful works of art. We would imagine that in today's prices, you might pay $100,000 for a tomb like these.
A seed germinated on the ledge of one of the tombs. Life springs anew.
A statue worthy of one of the finest Argentinian people. 

I wonder if Hans will have a sculpture built for me like this? ---- yeah right.

A ceiling where the shadows and dimmensions create an interesting photographic peice.
Hans and Frans. "We are going to PUMP YOU UP!!"
More Photos of the Delta and artsy area
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