So much falling water - as far as the eye can see.
Here Tiffany overlooks the table part of the falls. The gurguling water - everywhere - and with so much power was hypnotizing. You could watch it forever..
We wore clear plastic capes to try to keep the water from soaking us as we walked along the path. The whole walk along the falls on the Brazilian side to the shoehorn took about an hour to complete.
The browness of the water comes from the iron rich soil in this area. Because there was so much flooding in the region much of the soil erosion found its way over the falls. In the sun light it looked like a bright orange - very much contrasting the dark green foliage.
At the end of the trail the path came up against the swelling waterfall. It is very unusual to get this close to the waterfall. Below my foot the water dropped several hundred yards (meters).
You can see some of the small shops they built behind us on the left. Most were closed since to open the doors would have resulted in instant showers inside. 

While taking this couple shot in front of the final falls, Tiffany leans over and says, "phew, you're stinky".  

Oh yeah, Hans, got an idea...........

"There's a path here and I'll jump over this little fence and....." 

(Note: read sign. Translation: Area of Risk - Entrance Prohibited

Hans received the Mal Tourista Award for this stunt - one he wins regularly. You'd think he was going for the Darwin Award - maybe next time :-)

"Glad I brought these goggles. I'll take off some clothe and then it's time to take a natural shower."
"Wow this feels great. Now, where's that ledge. Ouch, this shower is turned on a little too high. Were are the faucet handles"? 

Something about natural water falling such distances on top of you sure gets things clean.

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