The falls - Up Close and Personal
This shot shows the entrance to the Devil's Throat area of the Falls. On this day and many before and after it was closed since the water level here was over 20 meters (~yards) above normal.

No boats going up river - left.

However, boats were still going as far as they could. Here we see one gunning the engines until the current over takes their foward progress and they float backwards.

Hey that looks like fun......

So we sign up and go on a boat trip. We took water cameras only since anything else would have been foolish.
This is a smaller side water fall that the boat would go all the way up to and the driver would actually have pour into the boat. It is a little nerve racking to watch your rubber dinging fill up with water. You sit there and look a the driver - pleading to get out from underneath all that falling water. You end the trip soaked.
Thats the small waterfall that we go right up against - up close.Tiffany is about to take her very own shower. We were in the front of the boat so we got all the fun. The swirling water the excitement was great. 

The tourists in the back brought their video camera - can you say no warantee!

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