Parisian World Cup Class

. There were plenty of displays celebrating the World Cup. Adidas had a huge poster of the most famous photograph of the World Cup victor's trophy. 

We took lots of photos but no video. The video camera suffered a tumble in Africa and we had to do without it ever since Victoria Falls. We paid a parisian electronic guy to fix it but it only worked a few more days. Huge bummer - since it is such a part of our digital lives. Most of the pictures on this site are taken from it. The taller or wider ones like this one are actual photo prints we scanned in on our scanner.

The french yuppie generation watched the games on TV like the rest of the world. Our french friends and our dear hosts, Natalie and Christian (in the center under the tree), found it a fun reason to get together and have a little (a lot by our standards) french wine with friends - good idea. How many soccer jerseys do you see in this group?
Going to the stadium was not really necessary. I mean all those hooligans, and wacos, and all that money, for what - to watch some guys run around in silly shorts after a ball that everyone is beating themselves up to kick around.... it's simply not that civilized. ...hmmmph...... :)

As the days went on and the French team looked more and more like winners - things changed! And all of a sudden the French people became real soccer fans and actual bought a few jerseys and started painting their faces.

photos at the World Cup match between Germany and USA
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