Rio De Jainero - Copacobana Palace

We decided to spend Valentines Day at the Copacobana Palace to see what all the fuss was about. It is the most luxurious hotel in Rio and just underwent a $40 million remodel. The Rolling Stones stayed there during their Rio tour. By the way, we did see their energetic concert in Rio. It was intriguing seeing tens of thousands of Brazilian teenagers singing Stones songs.
Hans on the tennis court at the Copa (which locals call the hotel). Notice the view of the ocean on the left past the fence.
Hans diving off our balcony into the pool. (okay.... not really)
The pool was very inviting because of all the heat we had.
The view of the action from the balcony. It was great to people watch while enjoying the air conditioning inside.
Nice Shoes. These were the fashion show announcers shoes. Tiff likes this photo because of the great colors and patterns.
The fashion show was at the Copa pool. Local clothing designers were showing their creations to a crowd. They say they were inspired by the Amazon, but Tiff thinks they were inspired by the San Francisco Exotic Erotic Ball. Anyway, it was a big surprise to us, we were just lounging by the pool and all these attractive scantinly dressed people start parading around us.
Lots of action to go with all the sexy costumes.
Parrots, gold leaf ........ not leaving much to the imagination on one of those.
Hans was a little surprised....

More photos of Copa Fashion
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