Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe in Southern Africa

. Hans standing at the back area of the Victoria Falls Hotel overlooking the Bridge over the Zambezi and the Falls on the left. 
The Zambezi River Bridge connects Zimbabwe with Zambia and tower over the gorges that are down river from Victoria Falls.
Tiffany in front of the Victoria Falls Hotel. The back restaurant provides the view of the falls and the bridge.
The fellow responsible for bringing the knowledge of victoria falls to Europe was Dr. Livingston of "Doctor Livingston I presume," fame brought to the public by the reporter Stanley who was responsible for tracking him down somewhere in the African jungle.
Linvingston when he first saw the falls said something about its beauty being bestowed on angles..or something romantic like that. This is rear view before the water goes over the falls.
View of the water crashing down the deep and relatively narrow chasm. It was hard, especially during this high water time of year to get a descent picture since the falls created so much mist.
The eerie mist rising up from the deep waterfall gorge. It covers anyone standing up on the sides trying to look at the falls. Needless to say everyone gets very wet as the waterfall mist turns into a torrential downpour.
More Photos of the wildlife around Victoria Falls
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