The Animals Around Victoria Falls

As we walked around the Falls there were many baboons strolling around. We had worked so hard in Brazil to see monkeys and here they were in crowds right next to us.
. And they were so informal that on occasion they treated us as nothing more than homo-sapien voyeurs to their group sex.
On the path to the falls there was always a sense of immanent accident. As if something was going to foul things up. If you asked Hans - he'd just say, "you know, hmmm, something stinks around here." 

In Africa we became animal poop experts. Before we left Africa could tell the difference between Zebra and Impala and Elephant droppings. Elephant Dung is really easy to spot. (Look at the front of Hans' left foot here)

Up in the trees the stealthy animals were always watching. This baboon keeps and eye on us and all the others. It must be his job in the group - to alert the rest of monkeys of danger.
We too became like them and started to constantly observe and track the other animals.
But the craziest animals in Victoria Falls are still, as everywhere else on earth, Man. Here a wacko from the Britannic species jumps off the Zambezi Bridge with some rubber bands attached to his ankles. He pays US $100 to dive 111 meters (approx 350 feet) and to feel like he's plunging to his death. Then another crazy guy is lowered on a piece of wood attached to a rope to get the first one (see the tiny figure just below the arch). Why? because others give him a few paper notes so that he can use them to buy food. I tell you all this behavior is insane.... 

I wonder what the monkeys think of us.

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