The Victoria Falls Hotel

We splurged a few days and stayed at the very luxurious Victoria Falls Hotel with all of its Victorian era charm. It is significant in the history of British colonization of this region and it still feels that way.
The layout is classic and very comfortable. You can't help feeling like you're part of the colonizing elite even though today its done as a tourist versus being an explorer.
The traditional game rooms and halls here fit perfectly, unlike some cheesy Red Roof Inn in West Virginia. After all, we are in heart of historic colonial Africa. 

Later on in our journey we would meet the hunter type who loved to "bag" a "5 turn" Kudu or a "ton sized elder renegade" buffalo. 

The stairways and hallways remind you of an era gone by -  filled with big name and big game hunters of yesteryear.
The sleeping arrangements in our pre-marriage luxury accommodations were quite British in their Victorian style - bottom line: separate beds until you're hitched!
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